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We have polled hundreds of photographers from the beginner's to the seasoned vets... 
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The Facebook Ads Marketing Reboot
The Facebook Ads Marketing Reboot is our signature course. It is the backbone of everything we teach... the rest is just gravy!
  • Learn how to use Facebook ads to book your dream clients. Yes! Facebook ads do work! We helped Abigail Gingerale Photography get 285 leads in 5 days! They booked 21 new clients on the following Saturday! It only cost them $106.51!
  • Just because your friend Pam told you Facebook ads don't work, doesn't mean she was right.
  • Take control of your marketing by implementing our proven lead generation system backed by real results.
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A Letter From Easton...

Most photographers get started in this industry because they had a hobby they enjoyed, taking pictures. A few people start 

offering you money to take pictures of their family etc. This is when you start getting excited and your brain starts churning 

with the possibilities. You decide you should start your own business! Congrats! You are now an entrepreneur. Now 

What? What gear should you buy? What will your style be? Will you photograph weddings, families, newborns? What 

Facebook groups should you join, if any? More importantly, how will you get new clients to pay you for your services? Here 

is how the next few months normally play out: Your Friend, John, is also a photographer and he started his business 1 year 

before you. You start talking shop with John. He mentions this photographer you have never heard of and says you should 

check out their work because it's freaking epic! You then check out that photographers work and you are obsessed! You 

want to shoot like them asap. You find out from their facebook page that they are going to be speaking at a huge 

convention in the next month or two. You decide that going to this conference will be exactly what you need to take your 

business to the next level. You book your tickets to the conference and make your travel arrangements. Next, you do the 

most logical thing and ask who else is going in all your favorite Facebook groups. Sally and Jimmy are also going so now 

you are even more pumped! This is going to be sick! What happens next is so typical... You attend the conference and get 

front row seat for your favorite speaker. The presentation starts and you couldn't be more excited. The first 15 min the 

speaker talks about how amazing they are. The second 15 min they show you all their amazing images they created in 

under 10 seconds with epic backgrounds from all over the world. The last 30 min they tell you what works for them when 

trying to create these types of images. The presentation ends... You picked up 1 or 2 tips or tricks that may be useful but 

only if you can figure out how to apply it to your business. You get home from the conference and you are super excited to 

try out the new things you learned only to become frustrated several minutes later. Your images look nothing like that guy's 

images from the conference and you are doing exactly what they said to do. What gives? Regret starts to settle in 

hardcore. It's possible you just wasted a ton of money as well as time away from your family. You told your spouse this 

conference was going to change everything for your family. How will you tell them it was a flop? It gets worse... The money 

you spent to attend the conference could have been used to further your business, and you thought it was going to. Now 

that money is gone and you don't have enough to order that album for your client you have been putting off. You are not 

alone! One of the biggest problems in our industry is that we are overwhelmed with content. How do we know if the speaker 

on stage actually makes money? Did we even research their business? Sure they may take amazing pictures but that 

DOES NOT mean they make money?! The answer, unfortunately, is no. Just because you take an amazing picture, doesn't 

mean you run a successful, profitable business. This is why The Art of Six Figures is different! We pre-qualify all of our 

educators to ensure they are running 6 figure+ businesses. We also make sure that what they teach is evergreen. This 

means the concepts, techniques, principles, etc that they teach, have stood the test of time. Your business needs a strong 

foundation. We built The Art of Six Figures to help remove the guesswork involved in building your dream photography 

business. Rest assured that you have found your home with us. Don't miss your chance to be one of the first to get access 

to this revolutionary Social Learning Community For Photographers. Sign up Now! 
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